About me:

I’m a 30-something librarian living in Arizona with my husband and two bad cats. I spend a lot of time trying to find a balance of career, self-care, and leisure pursuits. I love art, reading, my neighborhood, fizzy water, and, of course, travel. It’s also a point of pride that I’m able to read as much as I do and still maintain an ambitious tv-watching schedule. #noshame

Why I’m talking about being fat:

In short? Because I’m fat! How often do you see travel articles that mention fat people in any other context than complaining about sitting next to them on airplane seats? It’s also self-serving: I’m 2+ years into recovery from bulimia, and it helps me to open up about the struggles I have. Recovery has meant a lot of retraining my brain to think kind and positive thoughts about my body, and sharing is one way to accomplish that.

Why I travel:

I was raised a traveler (more on that in a later post), and my wanderlust has only grown over the years. I find it humbling to visit ancient sites, inspiring to view art, architecture and design, and mind-bending to find myself in the middle of expansive, remote landscapes. As for why I travel as often (compulsively?) as I do, I guess I just don’t see a reason to wait. My husband and I have the time, money, and physical ability to go now, so we go!

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