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I’m a member of a few travelling-while-fat online groups, and one thing that comes up over and over is people’s fear of flying as a fat woman. One of the shittiest things about travelling is the anxiety airlines cause for people on the regular. Which is doubly annoying, considering flights are often the most expensive part of the trip. Every day I do my best to approach the world with weight-neutral eyes. Most frequently this means reworking my internal scripts about my body, but not always. There are still activities

Sharing vacation pictures, we’re often asked, “Where do you find these things?” Well friends, there’s one place you can find all of these weird little things compiled online, and that place is Atlas Obscura. Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links (the books). I will get a small commission on purchases made from them. You are under no obligation to use them, but I appreciate it if you do! I’ve been some strange places. There was that time we were knighted with a walrus penis at the Royal and Ancient Polar Bear

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