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February 26 – March 4 is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. This year’s theme is Let’s Get Real. The goal is to “expand the conversation and highlight stories we don’t often hear.” Support My Walk Until I started meeting people in recovery, I knew no one else with an eating disorder. Which, considering that 30 million Americans struggle with one, seems suspicious. Once I began speaking about my own, so many women around me started sharing their own stories. I can’t say for certain, but I’m pretty sure that if

Lately, I am feeling fucking done with social media. I have never been one of those people who thinks, “oh, I’m just going to get rid of my Facebook page.” Typically I like it. It’s fun to keep in touch, to see creative things on Instagram, to follow trending nonsense on Twitter. Of late it’s just been too much, though. In trying to figure out why, I realized it’s partially my fault. My feeds are full of fat-positive women doing and writing amazing things. I need it to balance out

I feel like I should preface this post with a bunch of qualifiers (I like kids, really, I do!) which is both annoying and contrary to my strongly held belief that people do not need to justify their life choices. However, given the touchy subject, I would like to assure you that none of my choices are intended as an indictment of yours. I am happy for you to have everything you want. I am also very happy with what I have.

Earlier this week I came across an article, “7 Ways I Take Care of Myself During Depressive Episodes,” by Taylor Steele over on The Body Is Not An Apology (which you should read, like, all the time). I can identify with a lot of what the author has to say, especially with the sentiment that I am so over the stigma around talking about mental illness. Ditto treating mental health as separate and wholly different from physical health.

Four Sad Songs

Lofoten Islands, Norway

As I mentioned in a previous post, this has been a particularly difficult month so far. I have a lot of ideas for what I want to write about, but very little drive to get it together. In lieu of real content, here’s four sad songs I’m listening to as I grieve for my brother. Seu Jorge, Life on Mars? My brother and I both loved The Life Aquatic. Seu Jorge’s pared-down portuguese covers of David Bowie songs feature throughout the film. I think we both liked how goofy the

Grief and Turning 30

  • Many little candles burning.

I often think of grief as a heavy coat I can’t ever take off. Sometimes it’s what I need to be wearing to weather the place I’m in. Other times it’s hot and miserable and makes me feel totally out of place. June is a tough month under normal circumstances, and this one is no exception. 

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