Stitch Fix Plus Size Styling Service Review: It’s Just OK

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Stitch Fix plus size options finally arrived in February. I tried it out, and here’s my experience. I wonder if their stylists aren’t quite prepared for plus size women.

Stitch Fix is a fashion subscription box for women and men. Like Dia&Co, you pay a per-box fee to receive a curated box of clothing delivered to your home. Stitch Fix plus size options appeared in February 2017 (rather belatedly, if you ask me) and go up to a 24W. Dia&Co just states 14+ and has no defined upper limit, so that aspect is tough to compare. Bodies don’t stop at size 24, but at least it’s better than operating like they stop at size 12 or 14? Anyway, something to consider if you’re towards the upper boundary of that range.

How Stitch Fix Plus Size Styling Works

Try everything on, decide what to keep within 3 days, and package anything you don’t want into a prepaid shipping bag that’s included with your order. Stitch Fix credits the initial fee towards any purchased items. Return shipping is free, and so are exchanges for different sizes.

Cost: $20 fee per box; pay for what you keep from the box

Delivery schedule options: one-time styling, 2-3 weeks, once a month, once every two months, once every three months


Style Profile

You begin by filling out a style profile. The profile starts with what size you typically wear in tops, bottoms, dresses, bras, shoes, etc. Next, you specify your body shape (triangle, oval, etc.) I guessed I’m an oval, but I hate this question. Mannequins aren’t made to resemble children’s book shapes (or fruit, while we’re at it), so why should I describe myself that way? Also? Ovals don’t wear pants. Rectangles do, but from what I can tell of Sponge Bob they must be custom made. But I digress.

Next, you provide additional information about your fit. These questions seem tailored to suss out what problem areas you typically have finding clothes–think waist gap in pants or tight around the arms. But wait a minute. Didn’t the fact that I’M AN OVAL already tell you this, Stitch Fix? Ahem.

The Stitch Fix vs. Dia&Co differences are subtle but clear, in my opinion. Consider this:

What do you like to flaunt? What would you rather downplay?
What parts of your body are you comfortable showing off? What parts of your body do you like to keep covered?

I had to answer “Sometimes I flaunt it” to arms, back, etc. Flaunt seems weird. Like I don’t know? They’re just arms. Sometimes there are sleeves, sometimes there aren’t. I like wide necklines, but answering “I love showing it off!” to category “Cleavage” seems…inaccurate.


Provide Additional Info About Your Personal Style

Next you’ll look at a bunch of pictures of clothing and accessories and rate them on a scale of “Hate it” to “Love it” to give your stylist a sense of what you’re into. Like Dia&Co, you provide information about how often you wear work clothes, casual clothing, dress for special occasions, etc. Stitch Fix also asks how often you’d like to receive items from different categories (tops, dresses, shoes, etc.) In this section there are tons of options, which gave me the sense of having lots of input into what Stitch Fix might send me.

Lastly, you specify the price range you typically look for in clothing purchases, and then there is space to provide additional information. I tried to keep it similar to what I answer for Dia&Co to try for an even comparison.

I put “the cheaper the better” but I’m happy to pay more when I love something, it’s good quality, and/or it’s versatile (probably max $50-60 for a work top, ~$100 for jeans/pants/blazer/shoes/etc.), more for a quality leather bag. I’m blond and pretty fair. I love saturated, vibrant colors and graphic prints (think Marimekko). I am not afraid to experiment with color combinations, but pastels and heathered colors don’t work for me. I’m a librarian, and an avid traveler.

And here’s what I got!

Toms Stella Peep Toe Wedge, size 9, in navy (not pictured)

Price to keep: $79.00

Keep, return, or exchange for another size? return

The style of these shoes was cute, but many of Toms styles run narrow on me. It isn’t something that can be fixed with a different size, so I unfortunately had to return them.

top and pants from my stitch fix box

Loveappella Agather Printed Halter Knit Top, size 2X, in grey. Realm Kaila Colored Skinny Jean, size 20W, in dark green.

Loveappella Agather Printed Halter Knit Top, size 2X, in grey.

Price to keep: $44.00

Keep, return, or exchange for another size? return

Meh, it’s fine. It’s a nice neutral print, but the fabric felt a little thin. I also really prefer not to own tops that I need to wear strapless bras with. Not a total miss, but not something I’d buy.

Realm Kaila Colored Skinny Jean, size 20W, in dark green.

Price to keep: $58.00

Keep, return, or exchange for another size? keep

These jeans were the only thing I was immediately drawn to when I opened the box, and the only thing I felt like the stylist hit the right mark on. Color? Yes. Style? Yes. Price? Yes, especially with the $20 styling fee counting towards it. I liked these jeans with the halter top, but not enough to make me excited to own the halter top.

top and pants from stitch fix shipment

Papermoon Moser Tie Neck Top, size 2X, off-white. Realm Kaila Colored Skinny Jean, size 20W, dark green.

Papermoon Moser Tie Neck Top, size 2X, off-white.

Price to keep: $48.00

Keep, return, or exchange for another size? return

So the picture on the left was actually an outtake when the camera went off before I was expecting it, but it about summed up how I felt in the shirt. Also, all I did was walk the 6ft from the camera to the backdrop and look how sloppy it looks! Can you imagine what it would look like after an hour at work?

I love a fresh, white, summery blouse. But. For such a boring style this shirt manages to look incredibly frumpy. There’s buttons down the front but they aren’t real. It’s just a seam with weirdly tacked on buttons. The color didn’t have enough structure to stand up to that bow. The bow isn’t big enough to look fresh and stylish. It’s weirdly wide and short. And it was hella wrinkly coming out of the box, which means it’ll only get worse with regular washing.

dress from my stitch fix box

Renee C Ginny Tie Sleeve Dress, size 2X in blue. It’s worse from behind.

Renee C Ginny Tie Sleeve Dress, size 2X in blue.

Price to keep: $68.00

Keep, return, or exchange for another size? Return with prejudice.

And finally, la pièce de résistance. What. The. Fuck. This is what ovals with a penchant for cleavage apparently wear. I’m not even sure the pictures manage to capture how unflattering this is in person. The straps are literally bows you tie. It’s lined, and both the outer and inner fabric are a horrible synthetic. this is a length that is flattering on no one, let alone an actual fat person. It’s equal parts childish and muumuu, with a dash of shower curtain thrown in (for fun?).

this dress? just no.


Stitch Fix Plus Size Styling: The Verdict

On the whole, I was underwhelmed. The shipping and whatnot was easy enough, but I don’t like that I only have three business days to decide and get things back in the mail (Dia&Co is 5, which is about right I think). That dress is so far off of the mark I’m pretty lukewarm about trying Stitch Fix again. If I do, I’ll try another stylist. Everything fit except the shoes, and the prices were reasonable. I’m glad Stitch Fix introduced plus sizes, but it’s hard to say if they’re ready to style actual fat women and I’m vaguely annoyed at some of the language on their website. But, like Dia&Co, the website has many opportunities to provide feedback on what came in my order, so I’m willing to try it once or twice again in the future to see if I have better luck. I certainly hope so.

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