DIY Spa Treatments You Can Do In Your Hotel Room

Bath Bombs

I love staying in hotels, whether it’s a stay-cation for a special occasion or halfway around the world. One thing I usually try to do is pack beauty products that let me do one or two little DIY spa treatments on the fly. Here are some of my favorites.

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If I had my choice I’d probably visit spas as often as possible. As much as I like them, though, they can cost a pretty penny…especially if you’re in a tourist-heavy area. Instead, I take the DIY spa treatment approach. It’s not totally the same as getting an amazing aromatherapy massage, but it’s close! Plus, it gives me the opportunity to use up beauty samples or products that seem too special to “waste” during my at-home routine.

Where to start?

There are a few things to consider when you’re packing. First and foremost, how much down time are you going to have? Don’t bother bringing a pile of stuff you won’t have time to use. A lot of this comes down to the purpose of your trip, too. A trip to visit family isn’t likely to lend itself to a lot of time alone in your hotel room. If you’re in a bustling 24-hour city, you may not want to hang out inside. Conversely, if you’re headed to a resort (which is the state of mind I’m in, at the moment), lots of “me time” and relaxation is probably just what you want!

Typical spa facials follow a basic formula once you leave out the extractions and massage: cleanse, steam, exfoliate, mask, moisturize. Adding one or two enhancements to your usual routine can turn your everyday into a fun DIY spa treatment.

What’s the bathroom like?

I can sleep in just about any type of bed there is. Mattress on the floor of an artists colony? Check. Tent cot in a Namibian camp overrun with porcupines? No problem. Funny metal berth on a former Antarctic research vessel? Bring it on. Zero-star hotel/conceptual art installation with literally no walls? One day, hopefully (I’m on the list.) When it comes to bathrooms, though, I’m hella picky if given the choice. Of course, on many trips hanging out in the room isn’t top priority. When it is, though, I try to book something with at least a beautiful shower. Even better if it has a giant soaking tub (see my favorite: Studio King Suite at Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, AZ). The tub/shower situation can open up a much bigger range of possibilities for your in-room DIY spa treatments.

While You Fly

Why bother waiting until you’re in the hotel? Here are a few things I love using while flying to keep myself feeling calm and a little indulgent.

Fig+Yarrow Complexion Water

This stuff, while on the higher end of what I typically pay for beauty products, is the best when flying.  It has a light, sophisticated herbal smell, and a few spritzes go a long way towards keeping my face from being dried out and horrible feeling on long plane rides. It comes in a sturdy glass bottle, and the 1-oz size is perfect for carryons. The whole thing feels very high end, which helps keep the DIY part feeling luxe.

Milk Makeup Sunshine Oil

I got a travel size rollerball of this at some point and it’s been a staple in my carry on ever since. It’s perfect for the particularly dry areas of my face, knuckles, or wherever else needs a little extra TLC due to the dry plane air.


Carry-on Friendly, Quick, and Simple DIY Spa Treatments

Short on time? Eye treatments or sheet masks are probably the easiest things to pack and use without much fuss. As an added bonus, there’s very little mess entailed. Pair these with your regular face regimen for a quick treat.

Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels

At $3.50 each ($15 for four sets) these are a cheap little treat you can use while unwinding at the end of the day. They stick on just below your eyes and tingle pleasantly. Plus, unlike a full face mask, there’s nothing to get in the way of drinking a cup of tea (or, let’s be real, a glass of wine) while they work their magic. Skyn Iceland also has a Skin Hangover Emergency Relief kit that includes some other facial goodies, if you like the sound of these and want something a little more comprehensive.

Tonymoly I’m Real Sheet Masks or Tonymoly Pokemon Sheet Masks

Sheet masks are another inexpensive, mostly mess-free easy diy spa treatment you can do in your hotel room. I like Tonymoly’s variety of different types, and you can’t argue with how seriously cute and geeky those little Pokemon masks are! If you buy a multipack, the masks end up being $2-3 a piece, which isn’t bad compared to $60+ for a facial at an actual spa!

Asterwood Naturals Vitamin C Serum

I actually use Asterwood Naturals on a regular basis, but their 1oz sizes make a great travel companion. Use after washing your face and before moisturizing for an extra pick-me-up for tired travel skin.

DIY Spa Treatments For When You Have A Little Longer

Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel

Get the shower nice and steamy, then spread this all over and chill out for three minutes before rinsing off. It’s seriously satisfying to see all the dead skin come off.


Miss Violet Lace Cactus Scrub on Etsy

Cactus Body Scrub from Miss Violet Lace on Etsy

Salt Scrub Body Scrub with Rosemary, Grapefruit and Sea Minerals

Salt Scrub Body Scrub with Rosemary, Grapefruit and Sea Minerals from Formulary 55 on Etsy

A scrub is perfect for when you don’t want to commit to a peel. Plus you’re getting all of the mess on someone else’s bathroom for a change (as always, make sure to tip your housekeeper!)

Half Moon Eyes Dragon Fruit Pore Pack

Face masks aren’t much more work than sheet masks, but they are a little messier so I tend to take more time when using them. These dragon fruit-scented individual masks smell amazing, have just a little exfoliation, and leave skin bright and soft.

Holika Holika Mini Jeju Aloe Shower Gel

This 92% aloe body wash is especially nice if you’ve spent the day in the sun. The bigger size is just as nice, but the travel size packaging is convenient and adorable!


Bubble Bar- Solid Bubble Bath- Cosmic Dreams by Southern Sky Beauty on Etsy

Bubble Bar- Solid Bubble Bath- Cosmic Dreams by Southern Sky Beauty on Etsy

Midnight Moon, Unicorn Bath Bomb by Little Crane Soap Co on Etsy

Midnight Moon, Unicorn Bath Bomb by Little Crane Soap Co on Etsy

Drops of Jupiter Butter Bath Bomb by ThePhillyFyzzlers on Etsy

Drops of Jupiter Butter Bath Bomb by ThePhillyFyzzlers on Etsy

Mermaid Bath Bomb by SunbasilgardenSoap on Etsy.

Mermaid Bath Bomb by SunbasilgardenSoap on Etsy.







Bath Bombs and Bubble Bars

Seriously nothing beats a good bath bomb for DIY spa treatments. If you’ve got a tub, I highly recommend packing along one or two (or more!) so you can unwind with a deep, long, fragrant soak. I love LUSH Cosmetics bath bombs, but they are a bit pricey–especially if you have to pay shipping if you’re not near a store. Etsy has tons of options that dramatically open up your options, too.

Josie Maran Moroccan Argan Body Oil

After your bath or shower you’ll want to seal in all the moisture, and a body oil is a great way to do so. I never take the time to use it at home, but after a relaxing in-room DIY spa treatment it’s just the thing!

There are tons of other great things out there, and don’t forget to raid your beauty stash for any fun samples you’ve amassed but never gotten around to using. Any other favs? Drop a link in the comments!

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