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Considering Dia&Co? Here’s my experience. I wrote it wearing my flattering new jeans.Dia&Co: Plus Size Clothing and Personal Styling for Women is a fashion subscription box for women sizes 14+. Like Stitch Fix, you pay a per-box fee to receive a curated box of clothing delivered to your home. Try everything on, decide what to keep within 5 days, and package anything you don’t want into a prepaid shipping bag that’s included with your order. Dia&Co credits the initial fee towards any purchased items. Return shipping is free, and so are exchanges for different sizes.

Dia&Co Basics

Cost: $20 fee per box; pay for what you keep from the box
Delivery schedule options: once, ~3 weeks, once a month, once every other month

Dia&Co box packaging

Pretty packaging including a note about your selections and prepaid return envelope.

You begin by filling out a style profile. You’re first able to specify your body type (top-heavy, mid-section heavy, etc.), your height, your top, bottom, dress, and bra size. Next, you’re given the opportunity to provide additional information about your fit. Here were some of my answers, so we can see how well they’re played out in what I receive:

What parts of your body are you comfortable showing off? Arms, Bust, Legs
What parts of your body do you like to keep covered? Stomach
How would you describe your style? Classic, Casual, Trendy, Retro-Vintage, Traditional
What patterns should we avoid? Lace, Floral
What colors should we avoid? Pastel
How much would you typically spend per garment? $40-$70 (this is the cheapest option)

Provide Additional Info About Your Personal Style

Other questions covered what types of patterns to avoid, how often do you wear work wear/casual stuff/etc., and if there are any types of clothing that should be excluded. For example, I opted to exclude shorts and winter coats, but gave no preference for skirt length or the types of accessories I’m willing to have included. There were many other options, and for each you could select as many as apply. Following those questions, you’re given the option to link your social media accounts–I used my Instagram–so your stylist can get a sense of your look.

Lastly, you’re able to provide up to 500 words about yourself and tastes. You’re encouraged to give details about what you do, how you spend your time, etc., to give a good sense of what you typically dress for. Here’s what I said:

I’m blond and pretty fair. Like to dress in Jcrew/Gap/Modcloth (nothing too twee or overly feminine, though). I love saturated, vibrant colors and graphic prints (think Marimekko). I am not afraid to experiment with color combinations, but pastels and heathered colors don’t typically work with my coloring. Phoenix is super awful for like four months of the year, so I like to wear fabrics I won’t sweat straight through. I’m a librarian, and an avid traveler.

And here’s what I got!

7x35 wearing jeans and tee from Dia&Co box.

B. Curvy Davida flutter sleeve top, size 2X in color mauve/multi and Fashion to Figure skinny jean in medium wash, size 20.

Fashion to Figure brand skinny jeans, size 20 in medium wash.

Price to keep: $38.90

Keep, return, or exchange for another size? Keep

Fashion to Figure is a new brand for me. Jeans are tough because I’m just one the edge of being sized out of the Gap denim I’ve bought for years, and although Gap Factory sizes go up further they’re just not quite right on me. I’ve been buying Old Navy, but I’m not in love with them either (although at least they’re cheap). These fit well, are in a good color, and are free of rhinestones/fancy stitching/weird wash patterns, so they’re a great find in my book. For $38.90 (less the $20 styling fee I already paid for the box) they’re a no-brainer to keep.


B. Curvy Davida Flutter Sleeve Top, size 2x in mauve/multi.

Price to keep: $49.00

Keep, return, or exchange? Return

I don’t love ribbed fabrics, and I wasn’t enamored of the stripes. I’m all for basic tees, and I thought the cut and style of this was very flattering. The fabric felt kind of cheap and was a little see-through, and I wasn’t confident it would survive more than a few washes without developing holes. I’d pay like $8 for this at Old Navy because it is soft, but I can’t imagine spending $49 on it.


7x35 in blouse and jeans from Dia&Co box.

Rachel Roy Sable front tie blouse, size 2X in black, and Fashion to Figure skinny jean, size 20 in medium wash.

Rachel Roy Sable Front Tie Blouse, size 2x in black.

Price to keep: $65.00

Keep, return, or exchange? Return

I really like Rachel Roy, but hadn’t seen anything in plus size before. I was super excited for this top, and then I realized it has the weird sleeve slashes down the arm. I’m just not into that or the shoulder cutout style that’s everywhere right now. Were it not for that, I’d probably have tried it in a 1X instead–the 2X fit, but was a little loose around the shoulders and chest which makes the neckline slide down a little more than I’d prefer for work. It’s also a little more than I’d typically spend for a shirt, but for a nice quality work blouse I’d be willing to splurge on it.

7x35 wearing Eloquii dress from Dia&Co box.

Eloquii Chelsea dress, size 20 in black.

Eloquii Chelsea Dress, size 20 in black.

Price to keep: $69.00

Keep, return, or exchange? Return

Ok, so this one was a disappointment for a few reasons. First? *Yawn* Oh good. A black faux-wrap waisted jersey dress. Seriously though, this is the one item plus size fashion is not hurting for. Second–the wrap style just doesn’t work on my shape. I’m not the hourglass shape fashion mags seem to assume all fat women are. I wear a b-cup and carry my weight in the middle. This dress pulled a little weird under the bust and made me look oddly lumpy. Third–Eloquii makes clothing in fabulous prints and colors. Black is the safe choice, but I did say that I was up for bold, graphic prints and color. This just missed the mark all the way around for me. Having said that, though, it was soft and of an excellent quality for the price. It’d probably look great on lots of women, it just wasn’t for me.

Necklace in Dia&Co box

Love the mint and navy combo on this necklace, but I have too many long pretty gold necklaces in my lineup already.

Georgina Necklace in black/gold

Price to keep: $28.00

Keep, return, or exchange? Return

I loved this necklace, and if I were keeping everything else from the box I would have hung on to it. (If you decide to keep everything, the total cost is discounted by 25%). I almost kept it anyway, but I’m reluctantly sending it back because I have similar things (which made the $28.00 seemed a little steep).

Dia&Co: The Verdict

Dia&Co provided a seamless experience, and it’s set a high bar for any other subscription styling services I might try in the future. I’m amazed that all four clothing items fit as well as they did, and really happy with the jeans I received. The Dia&Co website has many opportunities to provide feedback on what came in my order, so I’m willing to try it once or twice again in the future to see if I have better luck. Overall, I’d recommend it based on my experience.   // 7×35

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