Fabletics: Plus Size Workout Wear Review

Fabletics Plus Size Workout Wear Review

I’ll admit it–I was taken in by Fabletics’ 2 pairs of leggings for $24 offer. Yes, it’s technically a monthly subscription service, but it doesn’t have to be. 

Fabletics is Kate Hudson’s (weird, right?) company that sells the kind of workout clothing people might brunch in. You can buy stuff at full price from the website, but becoming a member entitles you to a sizable discount on their merchandise. More on that in a minute.

I Love Wearing Yoga Pants At Home

Let me start by saying I love yoga stuff for lounging around my house. Typically, to avoid cat hair coating any of my normal work and social stuff, I change into a pair of leggings and a t-shirt almost the instant I come home. Don’t get me wrong–we vacuum regularly–but we also live in a tiny house and pet hair always wins the battle. Anyway, yoga clothes.

What’s This About Being A Fabletics Member?

I first bought a of joggers from Fabletics last summer. They’re incredibly unflattering on me, which I assumed going in, but I couldn’t pass up the print and they were inexpensive if I became a “member.” Being a member basically means that unless you opt out by a certain date every month, you’re credited $49.95 to your Fabletics account to use on a future purchase. I wasn’t really interested in membership–I was just obsessing over the one thing–and I was a little annoyed they only carried up to an XXL, but I figured a one-time purchase couldn’t hurt.

How to Cancel Fabletics If You Don’t Want It
Fabletics legging and sports bra

Fabletics’ High-Waisted Zipper Legging in black, 2X, and Tammy Sports Bra, black, XXL.

Reading over the site and some online reviews, I felt pretty confident I’d be able to make my initial purchase and then cancel my membership before needing to remember to check the next month. Once I got my order and decided I’d keep it, I called (yes, you have to call), and a very pleasant customer service representative tried to talk me into staying enrolled but ultimately canceled it for me without much hassle. It took probably five minutes, and customer service is open 24/7, so finding time to do it wasn’t an issue like some places. If calling to cancel a membership is something you do not want to deal with, give Fabletics a pass. Also, if you are the kind of person who forgets to do things like opt out of a monthly charge if you do not want something, this is not for you.

Fabletics legging, tank, and sports bra.

Fabletics’ Cherise Legging in Ink/Black size 2X, Macey Sports Bra in Ink, size XL, and Hayden Tank in Ink/Black size 2X.

What Won Me Over

A few weeks ago, an ad popped up in my Facebook feed offering 2 pairs of leggings for $24 for new members–and there was a fat woman in it. It was enough to get me to idly click through to their website, where I was surprised to see Fabletics now carries plus sizes up to a 3X. Next I noticed, right on the front page, that they have a pair of leggings named “Cherise.” I figured it was meant to be! So I signed up again, and just got my order. I bought 2 pairs of leggings, two sports bras, and a top and it all totalled $68.94, or $13-14 per item. I was originally only going to pick out the leggings, but at checkout an offer for 50% off select bras and tops popped up and I picked out a few things there, too. Given that I typically buy the clearance stuff from Gap outlet, that’s about what I’d usually spend for something that matches a lot better! Shipping is free on orders over $49.95.

Fabletics Plus Sizes

The pair of joggers I own from last summer are XXL, so I wasn’t sure where I’d fall on the sizing. I decided to try getting 2X in everything, except the bras. I picked up on in XL (I’m pretty sure this was an accident?) and the other in XXL. Sizing is a little hit or miss. The black high-waisted zipper legging was spot-on, but I felt the Cherise leggings were a bit loose for what I wanted. I’ll be exchanging those for a 1X. The XL Macey sports bra I got was perfect, and while the XXL Tammy sports bra fit I didn’t like the style (that one is going back). I’m sure a 1X Hayden tank top would have fit just fine and a little slimmer, but I like the room in the 2X so I’m not going to bother trying the 1X instead. Returns and exchanges are free for most orders.

Leggings and Sports Bra from Fabletics

Fabletics’ Cherise Legging in Ink/Black, size 2X and Macey Sports Bra in Ink, size XL.

For all of the pieces though, and like the pair of pants I bought last year, I’m satisfied with the quality of the fabrics and stitching. Nothing feels or looks cheap, and the elastic seems solid. In fact, I’m pretty sure nothing is going to move an inch in the Macey sports bra, which isn’t a necessity for me but I know it’s a concern for plenty of other ladies! Both bras both have lightly lined cups, which is nice added feature in a sports bra. Bottoms are available in three inseam lengths (I bought regular). Best of all, though, I like that I can get quality, trendy workout wear in my size without spending a fortune.

For now, I’m not planning to cancel my membership, although I do anticipate skipping the monthly charge until I’ve picked out something I really want down the line. I just made a little note in my planner to check in on the first of the month to make sure I won’t forget.

Have you tried Fabletics? What do you think? // 7×35

If you’re interested in getting 2 pairs of leggings for $24, you can use my referral code. I will also get a credit to my account if you do.

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